Predictive Analytics and Smart Reports For Builders.

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Empower Leadership

Executives can navigate the business from real time insights and analytics

Motivate Employees

Clear dashboards make it easy for employees to focus on making smarter actions.

Connect Your Data Together

Bring all the data from all the tools you're already using together in an easy automated way.

Build your Business

Scale up with confidence. Automated analytics make it easy to keep a pulse on your business.


Increase sales, reduce cost, improve productivity. Get your business intelligence up and running in as little as one week. Atlas crunches the numbers 24/7 so your reports are always ready and up to date

Client Services

We train you and your team how to use interactive reporting to increase productivity and make smarter decisions faster

From Zero to Data-Driven

Get up and running fast. Our modern implementations make it easy to plug in the software you're already using, creating dashboards with the data you're already collecting in as little as one week.


Extend your data-driven business by creating your own dashboards, reports and analytics with easy to use tools